Vietnam: The People of Hoi An, A Photo Essay

Following the sights, and the food of Hoi An, the last installment of this series is dedicated to the people. The day in and day outs of market life in Hoi An, Vietnam. Those that dedicate themselves and their craft, to being there early, helping their follow citizens, and feeding or caring for all who give their patronage.  

A women making the banh xeo (Vietnamese crepes) that I adore. 

Neville of Taste of Hoi An Food Tour and Madam Khanh the Queen of Banh Mi vendor and grand-daughter. 

I love this picture; it's blurry, uncentered and in keeping with temple visiting standards, but the message that shines through to me is "to live a happy life, not everything has to be crystal clear". 

Rice paper on the move! 

Our favorite pho shop at 8:45am on a Tuesday. Cua Dai Street. 

Nap time, 3:30pm on a Wednesday. 

University student leading our Hoi An Free Day Tour (a community offering for helping students to achieve English and life skills while supporting locals). 

Ship builder seen during the tour. 


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