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So, what is a sobremesa? Sobremesa is one of my favorite Spanish words, but it’s much more than a word, it’s a cultural act. In Spain people take their meals very seriously, hours can be spent at the dinner or lunch table chatting long after the plates have been cleared and the coffee has been served. It’s a time to bond with your guests, savor the moment without rushing and pragmatically, to digest your food. Overall, it’s a wonderful and celebrated practice, and just one of the many beautiful heritage pieces found here in Spain.

Sobremesa In Spain was created as an outlet to share with the Internet world that the turquoise waters of the Costa Brava, the sheep splotched hillsides of the Basque Country, the impressive squares of aristocratic Madrid and the highly visited coastline of Andalusia are so much more than sangria, paella and bull fights, and that ultimately those stereotypes fail miserably to capture the wealth, diversity, charm and personalities of my adopted homeland. However, the site has organically grown to include other parts of Europe and the world as my travels expanded, and without a doubt I'm grateful for these opportunities. Deep down I know that it is the land, the sea, the livestock and the cultivators that have taught us almost everything.

With the intention of meeting artisans, understanding food systems, learning of origin, and giving homage to the bountifulness that we have the unbelievable fortune of being a part of, I hope you'll join me in this exciting adventure. Let's fill our bellies, support our food producers, and celebrate at the table - whether you find yourself at the dining room table, the picnic table, or perched on the hood of your rental car during a Spanish road trip!

I thank you for stopping by. 

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