Hump Day

In March 2012 I began a new series for Sobremesa In Spain entitled "Hump Day" wherein I hope to share products, artisans, regional dishes and findings that vale la pena conocer - are worth getting to know - or adding to your grocery cart and wish lists! Little blurbs of fascinating information that will help us get over hump day and through to the weekend.

As a peninsula flanked on all sides by water, immigration and influence from France, Portugal and Northern Africa, as well as a varied terrain - Spain is as rich in offerings as it is in history, almost since the dawn of time. Adding to its bounty is its plethora of outstanding autochthonous products; the dairy hailing from Asturias or Cantabria, seafood from the Bay of Biscay and the thunderous Atlantic, or luscious wines from the volcanic soil of Lanzarote all the way to the red clay of La Rioja. Simply put there is much to discover, and certainly much deserves its spotlight moment, after all this country is much more than paella, bulls and sangria.

Every Wednesday, or as often as I can, I will supply you with a new choice recommendation. To view the hump days from weeks past, visit here.


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